Buenos Aires, 7 days full of tango! 


Buenos Aires and tango - endless hugs are waiting for you,  long time

Nights of milonga, in its purest form. Traditional and modern Orchestras playing live along with the shows of professional dancers in the unique Buenos Aires atmosphere. An experience that is the kindand will change the way we see, feel and do Argentine tango dance.

With Guggi Zuzákova and Mario De Camillis, a Swiss woman and an argentinian Porteño, we accompany you on this journey of sensations and experiences, in all their fullness.

Tango in Buenos Aires offers endless possibilities. Together we will create a careful and design targeted experience in what we find most interesting.

 the new Trends, the modern, along with the traditional places that makes  Buenos Aires a unique experience!

 We will pick you up directly at the airport and take you from there to the hotel.

The first evening begins with a welcome dinner for a relaxed atmosphere.

In order to be well prepared for the week, we will accompany you right from the start to the best Tango shoe stores in the city.

We will select the milongas specifically so that nothing is missing and you have a clear idea of all the possibilities the city has to offer.

We will also have some assistants for us; i.e. you will come with locals to dance, both in the evenings and in classes during the day.

We will have 10 hours of group lessons together, so you are  well prepared for the evening milongas and practicas

In Buenos Aires is a little different than in Europe. We teach you, among other things, the “codigos” and also some phrases and navigation tips to help you relax and feel safe, move around and on the dance floor.

Buenos Aires has a lot to offer, so we will show you some of them most notable places that made the city the European capital of Latin America.

We end the trip with a farewell dinner together and we can once again talk about the most beautiful experiences of the week

You can also extend your trip or arrive earlier.

We look forward to seeing you!

Guggi & Mario


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Mario De Camillis +41 77 464 9899

Guggi Zuzakova +41 77 531 4255