Maria Mondino ∞ Mario De Camillis. Tango Workshop.

Tango workshop "Beyond leading and following"


We are going to deep into de dynamic and quality of the roles in Tango. 
Through the movement to the essence. 
Activity and receptivity. Different qualities of movement from both roles. 
How to clearly propose, and how to clearly interprete, in deep connection with your partner, enjoying the music, the movement, the character but mostly understanding that both roles are active and receptive. 
Perfect training to intermediates - advance dancers, to refine and clean up the dance in order to expand the frontiers of joy, improvisation and connection. 

This is the previous step that every tango dancer has to do to raise their level of understanding. 

We want to offer you the universe of possibilities that we feel when we dance. 

29 & 30 SEPTEMBER.Saturday and Sunday
15 to 17hs. 
50euros both days. 25 one day. 

At Mala Junta Berlin.
Kolonnenstrasse 29. Berlin. 

Milonga Champions weekend. Berlin

Fatima Vitale & Mario De Camillis

01 / 02 September.

Ab Mittelstufe
Wir empfehlen die Synergie aus beiden Workshops, da dies den besten Effekt hat, aber waehlt frei nach Wunsch!
Um eine hohe Qualitaet und persoenliche Aufmerksamkeit zu garantieren moechten wir gerne die Anzahl der Taenzer in den WS uebersichtlich halten. Also sendet uns bitte Eure Reservation vorab. Wenn Ihr keinen Partner/in habt aber gerne teilnehmen moechtet, lasst es uns bitte wissen, vielleicht koennen wir Euch verkuppeln.
Ihr koennt uns immer noch eine Woche vor dem WS mitteilen falls Ihr nicht kommen koennt. Schreibt uns per Mail oder FB.
* der Unterricht ist auf Englisch

mit Fatima Vitale und Mario De Camillis
Two milonga Champions for you!

We will give you sequences, complex ones, but, we will separate this figures in elements, in order to make you understand and work every concept inside.
We will also make a lot of emphasis on the cadence of the movements, an essential characteristic of this rhythm and in which it differs from Tango.
We will build and assemble them, giving you the tools to improvise, control and understanding over the movement.

Samstag und Sonntag, 01. und 02. September 12:30 - 14:30
Preis jeweils 50 €, erm. 45 € pro Person
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Fatima Vitale
Since 18 years Fatima is a Tango dance performer, also well trained in contemporary dance, classical ballet, jazz, composition and improvisation. Fatima dances both tango de salon and stage tango, and has worked in many of the great tango houses of Buenos Aires. She has also worked and performed with renown dance companies such as: 'Tanguera', 'Deya vu', 'Tango Malambo', 'Bien de Tango', 'Corporation Tango' and 'Nada mas que malambo'.
In 2007 she started touring the world, performing and teaching at international Tango festivals in many countries across Asia, Europe and North and South America.
2012 was the year of competition. Fatima registered for two categories and won both the 'Tango de Salon' and 'Milonga' category of the Buenos Aires Championship 2012. In the following World Tango Championship 2012 she placed second in the 'Tango de Salon' category. Then in 2013 she was finalist in another categorie `Stage Tango` of the World Tango Championship.
Through the success and experience her expertise led to invitations to jury in other competitions. 2013 she was invited to judge the International Championship of Medellin and Chile's Milonga Championship 2013, the UK Tango Championship in London 2015, the European Championship in Cervia, Italy 2016 and the Istanbul Tango Festival in 2018.
Fatima lives, performs and teaches Tango at festivals and dance schools around the world, always with the goal to induce applicable technique to develop a personal and natural style. Fatima is mainly touring as a couple with the highly recognized Argentinian dancer Javier Rodriguez.
Since 2015 her second home is Berlin.

Mario De Camillis
During his 17+ years of tango career, Mario De Camillis has collected a number of awards and has brought his teaching and performances from Argentina to far beyond.
Metropolitan Champion in the categories of Vals and Milonga in 2011, Sub-Champion in the category of Tango Salon, and finalist on several occasions at the Tango World Championship in Buenos Aires, he has had the pleasure to give tango classes upon invitation by renowned tango schools, for example in Switzerland, Germany and his city of origin, Buenos Aires. Nowadays, he divides his time between Berlin and Buenos Aires - points of departure for his travels throughout Europe and America.
Mario's diverse education and experience reflects in his artistic search as a teacher of tango. In teaching, his main objective is to find and promote a fluid communication. Creating a pleasant space in which students feel free to express their doubts and queries, without missing any details, and allowing for an intense learning whilst working on the particular aspects of both leader and follower role. The technique being to work based on and happening in the dance. The most important being that both sides of the couple feel comfortable and free to enjoy the embrace.

Berlin SUMMER private lessons

Dears Berliners!

For all the summer, you will have the special package price in every single lesson!

Take advantage of that and enjoy your vacations! 

Contact me for more details and let´s the dance start! 

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BASEL. Private lessons. 06 -11 September.


(for the German speakers, this is amazing Basler dialect, sorry guys if you don´t get it).

Strudel is tasty, but I like also that biscuit from Basel (what was the name again?). It matches mate perfectly. 

The Autumn is here...  And so the indian summer.

I will arrive to Basel, to enjoy it and to teach private lessons. 

Get your shoes ready, and your questions and doubts. 
Let´s work together!


6 to 11 September.  

Contact me to book your lessons. 

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WhatsApp: +1(917) 754 7344


The recommendations of the teacher JULY.


Here we go!!!

The first, as one of the most classic situations I get at the lessons. One teacher say it in a way, another teacher in another way.


what are we going to do with all the different approach to tango?


Well, I am a teacher and as well a student. For that reason I will share with you what I needed to do long time ago as student and what I understood later as teacher. I will give you my thoughts from both sides.


As student.

Keep your mind open, In my opinion this is the best you can do. Tango as popular dance have many different points of view. Different words to express the same movement. Different ways to lead the same steps or element.

Try to absorb as many information you can handle and put it in your dance tools box and always ask your regular teachers. Try don’t keep any doubt to yourself. The teachers, we, are there for you. Keep that in mind.


As a teacher

We see the students and we give a recommendation that might work on that moment. When you are learning, hopefully, you practice often and then you advance... the teachers that you get after an amount of practice will see a different dancer that the teacher before (do you get my point here?) therefore you will get another layer of information, a deeper one. That can be why sometimes it seems to be so different. But it is just that you are improving and now the focus to work is in another place.


I hope this help you to relax a bit and bring some calm to that shoulders.


Thanks for reading and please share it with someone you think might need it


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