Buenos Aires. October & November. PRIVATE LESSONS

From the 15 of October till the 8 of November. 

Buenos Aires, Milongas, mate and private lessons. 

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Berlin, Vals workshop at Mala Junta

Saturday and Sunday 

12:30 till 14:30hs. 

Seminarthema: Vals

Der Unterricht ist auf Deutsch und Englisch

mit Louisa von Halle und Mario De Camillis

Mögt ihr es zu fliegen? Na dann eignet sich nichts besser als Vals. Kommt und habt Spaß mit dem sanften Rhythus des Vals. Wir werden in die Qualität der Bewegung finden und entdecken, was den Vals vom Tango oder der Milonga unterscheidet. Zwei Stunden intensiver Fokus auf der Weichheit und der Dynamik des Tanzpaares, welches mit der Rhythmik des Vals verschmilzt.

In English: 
Would you like to fly?
Well then, nothing better than the waltz.
Come to enjoy, dance and train the gentlest of the three rhythms of tango.
We will work on the quality of the movements, with the aim of reaching the root.
What is it that makes a waltz a waltz and not a tango or a milonga?
That is what we are going to work on.
Two hours of intensive and pleasant work, focused only on the softness and dynamics of a couple connected to the rhythm of the waltz.

Mario De Camillis, double Metropolitan Champion of the city of Buenos Aires Category: Milonga and waltz.
Louisa von Halle, ausgebildete Tanztherapeuten und neue Lehrerin für Tango bei mala junta seit 2017

Preis 50 euros, erm. 45 euros per person. 

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"High Heels" sacadas, special workshop

"High Heel" - Sacadas

We will work on:
Increasing the dynamic of your dance and find new movement possibilities.

In our 3 hours sacadas seminar you will learn the mechanics, right angles and proper timing to make sacadas work.

Our main focus will go to the followers' sacadas, spots they can be found and ways they can be perfomed. How to maintain the lead when moving in different directions? How to move in open embrace and use the elasticity of it? How to connect to the floor in order to gain more stability and create strong steps?

39 €, erm. 33 € pro Person

Inscription at:
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Leaders technique. Die Geheimnisse der Führung. Special Workshops

Eine Führendentechnik für alle Interessierten beiderlei Geschlechts.

Sa, 11 / 05 / 2019
15:00 - 17:00
alle Niveaus
Mario De Camillis
We will work on our balance when making leader ornaments such as "lapis" and "enrosques".In a strong but soft leadership. It is not about strength, it is about knowing how much tension is good, how much is not enough and how much is too much.
The idea behind this is that the fans enjoy our embrace.
It is to provide a space to interact with the dance partner. Understanding that it is the product of a communication, first with us and then with the other dancer.
The work will be divided into:
Torso, center and legs and in the integration of both
30 €, erm. 25 € pro Person
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Kolonnenstraße 29, 10829 Berlin, Alemania

Maria Mondino ∞ Mario De Camillis. Tango Workshop.

Tango workshop "Beyond leading and following"


We are going to deep into de dynamic and quality of the roles in Tango. 
Through the movement to the essence. 
Activity and receptivity. Different qualities of movement from both roles. 
How to clearly propose, and how to clearly interprete, in deep connection with your partner, enjoying the music, the movement, the character but mostly understanding that both roles are active and receptive. 
Perfect training to intermediates - advance dancers, to refine and clean up the dance in order to expand the frontiers of joy, improvisation and connection. 

This is the previous step that every tango dancer has to do to raise their level of understanding. 

We want to offer you the universe of possibilities that we feel when we dance. 

29 & 30 SEPTEMBER.Saturday and Sunday
15 to 17hs. 
50euros both days. 25 one day. 

At Mala Junta Berlin.
Kolonnenstrasse 29. Berlin.